Sunday, August 1, 2010

Edd Visits Star Wars

Edd was excited to visit the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. As you can see, Edd met Yoda, and several other colorful Star Wars characters throughout the day.

Edd Visits Bridge Street

Edd visited Bridge Street Town Centre in Huntsville, AL, for a day of fun. Here, Edd observes a Merry-G0-Round before he takes a ride on a gondola.

In the final photo aboe, Edd meets the pilot of the gondola.
Below, Edd enjoys some nachos and salsa before trying a delicious Mexican Brownie.

At the end of the evening, Edd enjoys the view from the bridge.

Edd Plays Scrabble.

Edd tried his paw at Scrabble and learned some letters are just hard to get rid of.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Edd and She & Him

Edd recently attended a She & Him concert. She & Him is the the band featuring actress Zooey Deschanel and musician M. Ward.

Cameras weren't officially sanctioned at this event, so you only get to see this very poor cell phone picture of Edd enjoying Zooey singing at her keyboard.

And, just for good measure, here's one slightly better bad picture of Zooey, sans Edd.

Edd at PF Chang's

Edd grew a little impatient waiting to be seated at PF Chang's, but once he got his table he loved his Orange Peel Chicken!

After his meal, Edd recieved his fortune. He hopes it refers to the future of his shared adventures on his blog!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Edd Goes Colonial

Edd, the Easily Distracted Dog, celebrated Independence Day in style. He visited the American Village and spent the day meeting Colonial Americans, among other varied activities. There were so many sights and sounds that Edd found it even more difficult than usual to pay attention!

Edd listened to a Colonial Army medic explain 18th century limitations in tending to war wounds. I'm afraid he didn't retain much of it.

Edd also got to see a replica of the Liberty Bell.

Edd even got to sniff around inside a Colonial soldier's tent!

Edd Meets a Caterpillar

Edd, the Easily Distracted Dog, met a caterpillar.